When will someone acknowledge parents play the key role in the performance of students?

I have not written a post for a long time. I am terrified of the righteous grammar brigade and  confused and befuddled by the new world of Goves grammar. So what made the difference? Recently working with significant number of high performing but equally frustrated autistic children, they feel their voice is never heard. I feel the same so good bye social convention or is it manipulation? Grammar incorrect here I go!

Grrgghh ! The elite university debate in the moral maze misses what is fundamentally missed in all judgements with regard to education;

– The power of parents remains the key factor in success in education. Why will no one acknowledge this.

– The power of parents includes money for independent education to access the who you know network and the language of the elite.

– The power of Parents involves substantial parent money spent on tutoring to get children through an exam despite innate intelligence.

– Our current hoop jumping system of exams supports the power of parent model and is creating a lid on the success of those that deliver despite this facto.

– If our current exam system is continuing to perpetuate an elite system and priveledge . Is this successful and supporting our country to move forward?

– A child from a family with poor parent power who is able to navigate this system must be exceptional. Are these the future leaders we need to cultivate?

– Is a knowledge based elite language system going to generate out leaders for the future?


Good night!











– Exams are hoops to jump, Parents with power tutor to the hilt or place in Independent universities.





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